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Activism: A Write-off and Autopsy

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

If Extinction Rebellion is the midlife crisis of activist causes, the war in Ukraine is the crack cocaine of moral high grounds.

For those finely attuned to consensual reality, activism is the perfect oasis from which to emulate dissent, while keeping one’s head beneath the parapet.

Gone are the old hellraisers on the left stickin’ it to the man. Instead, you have a bunch of snowflakes looking to extricate themselves from moral responsibility by signalling their righteousness, rather than embodying it.

Activism, for want of a better word, has become an assembly point to a fire drill. A part time hobby for those on the cultural backwaters who mistake hoax for reality and other people's misfortune as their personal consolation.

These Innocent fun and games aside, however, the rebranding of groupthink into advocacy has caused the corporate power which activists mistake for social cohesion, to destroy the values they misjudge themselves custodians of.

Without a bone of contention for the government, today's activists are essentially doing for civil society what lobbyists do for politicians. What should be a dichotomy of opposing ideologies is an entanglement of vested interest. For the first time in history the polarising ideals of ordinary people and the predator class have been lumped together, the former doing the unofficial bidding of the latter.

It's not so much that a good crisis is irresistible to those lacking in imagination, it's that people’s legitimate grievances with a broken system are being used to smooth out its creases and rampart its empire, it's that the real issues get triangulated into manufactured crisis, and it’s that the incessant handwringing and harrumphing of a select few super-spreaders of official rhetoric, drown-out any sensible demands for positive, tangible change. On this crooked path to reform, you have more of the same government causing much of the same problems.

Global Warming Meltdown

Today, there's but one emergency and its climate change. The greatest historical interference with our rights and liberty is of little importance to those warning of the coming apocalypse.

But this consensual focus on the wrong cause is not only greasing the wheels of globalisation, its lubricating civil society for a proper shafting, so much so, that activism has become a clearinghouse for global policies.

Policies that would ordinarily be shunned by the rank and file are embraced with peak indiscretion. Just as those who would ordinarily keep their mouths shut and not venture to think out loud are given a loudhailer to gerrymander the rest of us, until their high vis opinionating becomes our mandate for change. This soapboxing by an outlier of suburbia, amplified across corporate media and cheered on from the political pulpits, eventually blights all quarters of society with its posturing, until everyone’s spouting the same end of the world, kitchen sink, histrionics, and offering to the gods, their own moral virtuosity as the cure-all for the world’s problems. As a general rule, whoever is the most mortally offended is granted the most media coverage.

NGO’s and the Billionaire Class

The largest sphere of influence over activism is NGOs and big foundations.

Bloomberg Philanthropies funds activists campaigning on issues as diverse as LGBTQ rights to gun control.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation channels millions of dollars into several NGO’s clamping down on free speech online.

The most dangerous man in Babylon, however, is George Soros, whose Open Foundation can be found everywhere there is civil unrest, from Extinction Rebellion to the 2014 Ukrainian coup from anti-Brexit groups to NGO’s undermining India’s national sovereignty.

When he’s not stoking civil unrest, Soros can also be found at the epicentre of the culture wars, funding critical race theory in US classrooms and normalising gender dysphoria and reassignment to children as young as 5.

Soros understands that the proclivity of ordinary people towards a fairer, more inclusive world is a powerful force for the wrong kind of change.

And what better way to vent your frustration with the system than by joining one of numerous intern programs spun out of the industrial NGO complex that exploits people's desire for a more egalitarian world, by giving them an apprenticeship in advocacy, amounting to little more than laundering the dirty reputation of the elites into squeaky clean exemplars of the public sphere, while pushing the envelope of global policies that are shifting our constitutional landscapes towards a technocratic world order.

By his own admission, Soros sees nationalism as the great enemy to an open society. Launching at Davos 2020 a $1 billion inter-university program that teaches about the pitfalls of nationalism and represents yet another brick in the ideological capture of our educational institutions by Cultural Marxism. Indoctrinating future generations into the ideologies of the predator class, masquerading as social reform, is what's really going on here.

The Climate Industrial Complex

If you want to know how the science got settled, look no further than the multi-billion-dollar climate racket, valued at $632 billion in 2020, and predicted to reach an astonishing $4 Trillion by 2030.

That kind of stimulus buys a lot of noise, science papers, advocacy, and the rest of it. But it also helps to gloss over everything else being ushered in through the backdoor of climate policies, from pro-world taxation to resource misappropriation to one world government.

On one end of the shakedown, you have the doom merchants at ER telling us the end is nigh. On the other end you have the world's most powerful institutional investors, blue chips, and multinational energy corporations. The mob, controlled by the billionaire class, demands solutions, and the billionaire class implements their agenda.

That Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock, has taken up the cudgel of climate activists bears inconsistencies with reality that are impossible to reconcile. Blackrock, together with Vanguard, dominate all facets of our daily lives, controlling everything we eat, drink, wear or use.

Carbon Based Lifeforms

The war on carbon is, in fact, a war on life and if the likes of Fink and Soros have their way, humanity will be the carbon that gets eliminated. We are, after all, carbon-based lifeforms. Carbon is the chemical foundation for all life on Earth. With more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, you have more photosynthesis and, therefore, more plants.

The weather is changing alright, but it’s getting colder - we are living through some of the coldest weather on record, it’s called the Grand Solar Minimum. These are changes to our weather systems which people are unprepared for.

They’re unprepared because climate change is more than just a business. For the morally and ideologically impoverished, it’s a spiritual world order of biblical proportions, as was originally intended by the man who put the UN into the climate change business - billionaire oil tycoon Maurice Strong.

In 1994 Strong, together with the former supreme leader of world communism, authored The Earth Charter to enshrine the environmental movement into a bona-fide cult for the new age. As Strong succinctly put it: ‘The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.’

Counterfeiting Reality

Come rain or shine, climate apocalypse or grand solar minimum, activists continue to soldier on up the moral high ground, only to be sold down river on their descent. To these rebellious freethinkers it's more Important to be on the same page with prevailing narrative than on the right side of history.

That’s because the gentrification of our grassroots movements has rendered people's ability to muddle through the socio-political perplexities, inoperative, to such a degree, they can no longer point out tyranny in an identity parade or take any steps to holding its pirateers to account.

Running amok of our social movements, the virtuoso criminal masterminds managing Planet Earth Plc have built themselves an industrial counterfeiting press, which spits out ready-to-think, activist causes, to keep us close to our morality, but not close enough to derail their scheme.


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6 comentários

Adolf De Jesus
Adolf De Jesus
02 de jun. de 2022

That Occupy was ever supported by the Ford Foundation is not just “improbable” but an outrageous lie and not supported by the link provided.

OWS was a truly peaceful protest beaten down and kicked to the curb by Bloomberg’s “private army” aka the NYPD in Nov. 2011.

Ford gave money to somebody else after OWS was terminated.

Better do your homework!

14 de jun. de 2022
Respondendo a

A rather terrible oversight on your behalf... or maybe deliberate, which is most likely the case.

It's well-established, that the far-right, of which you are a card carrying member, lie, deceive, distort and conflate.

Put simply, you will never be taken seriously or respected.


27 de mai. de 2022

The loudest and shrillest voices on climate and all the other emergencies, ahem, have no need for their claims to be accurate in any way whatsoever. The whole point is the relentless repetition of the slogans they've so cleverly memorised, and yelling their outrage at anyone who is less than zealous in their support. Creepy little automatons.

28 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

I agree. Most are like automatons, just repeating the populism in the great echo chamber. It’s an existential crisis, alright. People have been degraded to such a degree they are at this point morally, culturally, spiritually and ideologically bankrupt, thrown into a sea of uncertainty and clinging to whatever piece of driftwood comes along

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