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Escape from Samsara: Part 2, The PSYOP

Updated: May 26, 2023

4). How to create a fake reality, starter-kit

Arguably, the battle for your brain began in the 1950’s when the CIA infiltrated Hollywood and corporate media through Operation Mockingbird. Placing several hundred opinion makers on the payroll of spy agencies in return for disseminating fake news events.

There's a lot to unpack here. Another good starting point is ‘Weird Scenes from Inside the Canyon David McGowan's astonishing expose of the covert PSYOPs behind sixties counterculture and the hippy dream.

When you look more closely at today's reality show, it’s the illegitimate child of this fait accompli. A mockery of western culture and values, concocted by intelligence operatives embedded across newsrooms, Hollywood and academia has come to dominate our perception of reality.

Predictive Programming, as it’s known, has transformed the psyche into a sort of laboratory and objective reality into episodes of things that didn't really happen.

When you're resident in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave they need not change the flight path of reality if they can alter your perception of it. The technique of power has always been about controlling what you think other people think since the Kool Aid only works if everyone’s drinking it.

Implementing Soviet style collectivism through the temporal veil of Maya is child's play, when the supreme soul of Braham already unifies everything in the universe, as one. We are all made from the same substance stardust, every atom of oxygen, carbon, calcium and iron in our bodies was created inside a star long before the Earth came into existence.

The harmonic phenomenon, Sympathetic Resonance, shows how an object's frequency affects another object tuned to a similar frequency. The classic example is two tuning forks tuned to the same hertz, when one fork is struck, vibrations occur in the un-struck fork.

Explaining why half the world’s population paid false witness to COVID-19 – they become wireless transmitters of that pseudo reality, projecting its construct onto the cave wall.

The Pentagon’s control over several hundred talking heads eventually flew the coop of monochrome TV satellites and landed in Silicon Valley’s burgeoning internet in the nineties, created by the same cohort of spies and psychologists for expanding the bandwidth of the CIA’s social engineering activities over US citizens and ushering in the disinformation-age opined by one loose-lipped former Director.

The basic premise of mind control originated in 1921 at the British intelligence research centre, Tavistock Institute. These psychological warfare techniques were further developed by the Nazi’s when military physicians introduced barbiturates, morphine derivatives and mescal into their interrogations.

Heir to this legacy MKUltra would test the parameters of sensory deprivation and isolation on US citizens subjected to a rigmarole of psychological and physical torture including electric shock therapy, LSD and muscular paralytic drugs, administered to unwitting volunteers kept in isolation for up to 86 days. As the tormented subjects slipped into drug induced comas audio messages playing on a loop throughout the procedure primed their minds for new memory implants. The radical therapy, called Psychic Driving would attempt to erase or ‘de-pattern’ personality traits.

The parallels with the New Normal are uncanny. During the UK’s first lockdown, the population was isolated for 84 days and drip-fed disinformation with fabricated mortality rates played on a loop, ad nauseam. The results were identical to MKUltra as people’s concepts of themselves, society, and the functions of ‘The State’ were totally rewired, you could say psychically driven.


Lurking above the substratum of Brahman is the Vedic principle, Adhyasa, which means superimposition. Brought about by fear and induced by memory, Adhyasa is a state of self-hypnosis, so profound, people cannot tell the difference between a harmless rope and venomous snake.

Superimposition is caused by Avidyā, misconceptions of self-identity. If Maya is the universal illusion, Avidya is the self-delusion; and causes us to mistake pleasure for pain, adversaries for allies, the passing world for eternity. It is on account of Avidyā that we forget our true nature. As a consolation to these discomforts, we seek completion through externalised pleasures and protections, be they status and material gain, or the fantasy that “The State” will protect us from ourselves.

The source of Adhyasa is fear, which according to neurophysiology impairs the formation of long-term memories by damaging the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning, the hippocampus; at the same time triggering an overactive amygdala which curbs nonessential brain functions and throws us into fight or flight.

Liberation from Maya is found through self-realisation, the first step to seeing the self in all beings and all beings in the self. But if we regard each other as carriers of infectious disease we will abscond into a fragmented world and seek protections from those looking to steal the seat of our consciousness for themselves.

Global warming is another ruse that shakes our foundations to the core by pitting us against our environment causing even more fragmentation of the unified order. Its effects are so disturbing that we no longer see ourselves as stitches in the fabric of nature, but stains on its tapestry.

5). It’s Just a Ride

There’s a long history of philosophical hypotheses questioning the nature of reality. Is the world a stage or is it just a ride? Was Zhuangzi a man dreaming he was a butterfly or butterfly dreaming he was a man?

The idea that there's little distinction between the dream and reality can be found in Simulation Theory, Nick Bostrom's hypothesis that our lives are a gaming simulation created by our descendants as a sort of homage to posterity.

In the same way that we open a family photo album today, argues Bostrom’s theory, our descendants will run a gaming simulation of our lives in the future.

Although the theory speaks to Maya’s illusory nature of reality its fundamentally at odds with Vedic philosophy and particularly the concept of Brahman as the source of Maya, never ceasing to pierce through Maya’s illusions and guide us towards our own expression of the unified order, the Atman.

Where Vedic scripture enshrines the cosmos with meaning, Simulation Theory renders it meaningless. There’s no greater purpose to our lives beyond the intelligence of algorithms and whims of our ancestors who, according to Bostrom, are just another expression of Maya, vicariously living out their own mediocre existences through our in-existence.

As with other apologies for transhumanism, Simulation Theory bestows divine agency on the digital age and bows to the industry of fake holy men ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But above all else it bears the hallmarks of a limited hangout, Bostrom is himself a paragon of the WEF, which begs the question - have we already been here? Or at least, has a simulated version of this reality already taken place?

Beneath the veil of the phenomenal world, there's a parallel universe called AI. A sort of Akashic Records vaulted deep inside the NSA, that’s recording, mastering and, ultimately, simulating reality.

By 2010 we were creating as much data every two days as we created from the dawn of civilisation right up to 2003. Twenty years of tracking and indexing our online movements has granted social engineers an all-seeing eye, so powerful, it has mapped every facet of human experience, particularly how we process information, make decisions, and exercise free will.

It gets worse with the NSA’s war gaming program, Sentient World Simulation (SWS), which takes the spy game to the next level with a comprehensive ”database of human activity so profound, it can look so deep into a person’s life and predict their thoughts and future actions with relative certainty.”

Integral to this black mirror reality is a readable and writable digital twin copy of every single person on the planet, put through the mill of real-world scenarios to test the parameters of our behavioural responses to environmental causality, be it televised propaganda, public health emergency or UFO landings; and with our sentient selves in the so-called real world tethered to our digital twins, we are, by association, programmable by the same set of scenarios. In the same way that a chess computer game can simulate every possible move in an almost infinite sequence of moves, the NSA has simulated the trajectory of people and societies decades into the future.

Which leads to the important question - was COVID-19 pre-simulated in Sentient World Simulation?

Given the success of New Normal in sowing the wild oats of totalitarianism into the hive mind, it’s as if they already knew our blind spots and had paved a roadmap to mass-compliance. If they had the means and motive to do it, why wouldn't they?

None of this is as far-fetched as it might seem. As Robert F Kennedy reveals in The Real Anthony Fauci, those magic words, The New Normal, were used for the first time in a public health setting during Event 201 - the simulation that laid down the protocols for the biosecurity state and installed the public health hegemony that would shape global policy for the next three years.

Which leads us to the possibility that COVID-19, was not the end game, but the deployment of a real-time simulation to test the public’s resistance to rule by technocratic dictatorship, with many lockdown-type policies being spun from the illusive veneer of climate change the likes of which would have been unthinkable if it were not for COVID.

Simulation or not, today’s reality-show is ruled by mythos and archetype, lore and legend, hype and alarmism.

According to Vedic philosophy, liberation from these illusions is achieved through Moksha, which is to free oneself from ignorance and attain self-realisation. But if the entire phenomenal world is built on sand, and we cannot distinguish what’s real from what’s not, what chance do we have of finding liberation from these endless cycles of suffering?

Continued in Part 3


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