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"No Dogs, No Irish, No Blacks" - Discrimination and the Vaccine Passport

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The shotgun wedding of the British people to a vaccine passport takes place on Monday, meaning plans for a two-tier society are afoot. The effrontery of those leading the charge beggar’s belief. When they said ‘there were no plans for ‘discriminatory’ Covid vaccine passports’, they were quietly funding at least eight different vaccine passport schemes since last year. And that's just the half of it. We are midway through a Europe-wide feasibility study for the development of a common vaccine passport, launched by the European Commission in 2018.

They would have you believe - they were caught with their trousers down; their policies are proportionate to the emergency, and they operate according to a system of consent. But hang on a minute. Since the onset of SARS-CoV-2, they have played the most astonishing game of deception and manipulation. They have cooked the books, fiddled the tills, and distorted their official numbers. And they have deliberately plunged society into two camps - sceptics and adherents, compliant and non-conformists. Last year established the mood for pettifogging anyone questioning the narrative, while those refusing to comply were branded narcissists or psychopaths and denounced as ‘Covid deniers’ – the modern-day equivalent of a Holocaust denier.

This government has polarised Britain on a scale never previously attempted. They have legitimised a particular brand of prejudice and enmity not seen in Europe since the days of the Third Reich. And once the NHS App becomes your ticket to freedom on Monday, they will finally have means to weed out and punish dissidence while rewarding blind faith in authority. No matter how injurious their compliance is to society at large, the silent majority have lost their moral compass.

But it must be understood - this principle of divide and rule is as old as the hills. It was not so long ago that signs hung in the windows of establishments in Britain that read: ‘No dogs, No Irish, No blacks.’ The difference today is that it won't be the colour of your skin, your class, gender or sexual orientation that will condemn you, it will be your ideology.

That this crucial point has been entirely missed by the chattering classes is mind boggling. And despite the most flagrant attempts to marginalise large segments of society, Identitarians, the woke brigade and other erstwhile defenders of the most marginalised remain largely unfazed. Unless it is to flap their arms in the air over higher rates of vaccine hesitancy amongst ethnic minorities, but the rest of us can go to hell, right? Who cares about anyone not from a protected social group? In this bizarre parochial moral imperative, discrimination is only frowned upon if you’re discriminating against someone’s authorised or rubber-stamped marks of distinction, whereas discrimination, of and by itself, is entirely permissible.

These crowd-pleasers would defend their moral high ground by telling you - the unvaccinated are selfishly putting others' lives at risk, that mask refuseniks are super spreaders. But hold on a minute. All of this is pure conjecture, which like everything else under the sun has been founded on speculative science and political sleight of hand. Other than taking the government on its word, where is the actual evidence of asymptomatic transmission? Where is the evidence of mask efficacy? In fact, can someone point me to a single risk assessment for any of these scarcely credible interventions? But to deny someone entry into an establishment, to prevent them from travelling, shopping, or worse, stepping foot outside of their own bolthole is no moot point. These are very real and tangible forms of discrimination, for no other reason than you personally disagree with their choices.

These people have clearly made peace with the fact that membership to society is now the exception rather than the rule. They labour under some neo-tribal sense of entitlement - if you're not with us, you're against us. They take refuge in the herd from an unseen predator threatening their hand to mouth existences. Positioning themselves in the top left-hand corner of this looming two tier system, with others equally desperate to get their lives back and ready to submit to whatever diabolical demands are made of them, in return for one coveted free pass to re-enter polite society.

The rest of us, however - who will not be spoken for, bribed or coerced - will risk excommunication from the social-balm in defence of our principles. This loose association of the poorest and most marginalised, conscientious objectors, lockdown sceptics, and anyone with a shred of faith in their God-given sovereignty of being will wage a personal crusade of civil disobedience against the tyranny de jour, as Tolstoy, Gandhi and Martin Luther King did before them. For them, braver men have endured far worse for much less.

But what the first group fails to realise is that they are doing the unofficial bidding of another group - the well-heeled members of our political establishment, their friends and allies, to whom the rules do not apply. Who are protected by more exemptions than the rest of us are governed by regulations; and who, at the onset of the pandemic, were not caught with their pants down, as the general population was.

Just a day before the first lockdown, their Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B) began work on the most criminal propaganda campaign in British history.

What most card-carrying conservative voters fail to realise is that this group is the country's biggest employer, with 17% of the British workforce employed in the public sector; whose every agency has been pointed like cruise missiles at the general population, to essentially knock our stuffing out and railroad us along a critical path, towards what is arguably a controlled destination - the complete nullification of our rights, indefinitely.

But that's only half of it. Once you conflate unlawful policies with science that falls apart under the lightest of scrutiny to bring about the most controversial changes to Britain's laws since the Norman Conquests, it is written in the cards that two types of citizens will be left in the wreckage: those wandering aimlessly into the trap having abandoned all reason and judgement to the trappers; and those whose contempt runs so deep they will lay their life on the line in opposition.

Now here's the thing - there’s nothing particularly avant-garde about a two-tiered society or the discrimination of certain minority groups by the prevailing social order. And no matter what polite excuse is used to justify vaccine passports, it cannot be denied - this is the same system of cast, class, eugenics, apartheid, persecution and slavery that would inflict those toppling statues with an extreme case of dashed hopes.

But what is even more terrifying than the depths which the political class is prepared to sink, is the collusion of a silent majority whose own complicity will result in the persecution of everyone else not toeing the line.

And now with 353,341 variants at their disposal the government has 350,000 reasons to keep this fiasco going until hell freezes over. Riding roughshod over the British public who, make no mistake, will continue to weather such violations, in spectacular ignorance of the fact that only 388 healthy people under the age of 60 died from COVID in 2020, the average age of death was 82, and strangely enough, the vast majority had pre-existing conditions. Equally unremarkable is the fact that between 23%-85% of all deaths attributed to COVID, died from other underlying causes. And the fact that 2020 had a lower mortality rate than every single year prior to 2009 can be found in the dictionary under ‘Ignorance is Bliss’.

You would also be forgiven for assuming that once the most vulnerable have been vaccinated (which is now), not much remains between the people and their freedom. That any further attempts to protect us with more turns of the screw entirely defies common reason. Yet here we are, fighting a battle for humanity.

The trouble, therefore, with lockdown sceptics such as Peter Hitchens publicly throwing in the towel, or Lord Sumption accepting the inevitability of vaccine passports - they raised the white flag long before the real battle had begun. While lockdowns and social distancing represent the abstract of this ideological war, its frontlines are being waged on the physical surrender of our will and bodily autonomies. The former is arbitrary, the latter is systematised. One is going to happen with or without your consent, the latter is wholly dependent on it.

It follows that for each sceptic who surrenders their compliance, they sell the rest of us downriver. The balance swings more in favour of the New Normal. And let's be honest, vaccine passports only work if a majority comply.

So while we still have the illusive veneer of democracy to hold onto, politicians remain duty-bound to at least pretend to be following some sort of system of consent. Just as we - the people - are compelled to at least give the appearance of upholding the necessary checks and balances.

Even if you accept the logic of vaccine passports, where exactly on your map does this end? Three weeks to flatten the curve, three lockdowns later, there is already talk of more lockdowns in the summer, or worse, restrictions lasting two more years. Meanwhile in the US, Sloppy Joe has made it clear ‘get vaccinated or wear a mask indefinitely’.

If none of this strikes the fear of God into you, then perhaps this will:

The Pentagon has developed a microchip that will detect asymptomatic COVID. The chip would be inserted below the skin and trigger a sensor if COVID infects the body. This is despite the internet being flooded with fact-checkers and MSM pundits debunking what the so-called tin 'foil hat brigade' has been warning of all along. In plain sight they hide their motives and by small degrees we continue to surrender ancient rights and protections to an unthinkable dystopia that is now within sniffing distance.

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