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Trudeau: Another Stooge Doing the Unofficial Bidding for a Global Elite

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Heres Canada's supreme leader, Trudeau, promoting the agenda behind the cult of COVID and its predecessor climate change.

Using the usual keywords, 'vulnerable,' 'sustainable development,' 'inequality,' 'extreme poverty,' 'climate', to sell his snake oil, called The Great Reset and SDG's of Agenda 2030, under the Build back Better brand name.

Remember, that's the very same 'inequality' and 'extreme inequality' caused by the club of elites which Trudeau belongs to.

For anyone still doubting what COVID is really about, here it is:

National identity, and with it, individual sovereignty, is being relegated to the pages of history. In its place a kind of one world socialism will imbue the social spectrum, turning world citizens into a one size fits all. We will own no assets, all products from our fridge to our car to the clothes on our back, will become rentable services. Meaning no security nor sovereignty whatsoever and dependance in perpetuity to the corporate supply chain. Meanwhile those at the top (the likes of Trudeau) will benefit exclusively from a capitalist system gone rogue,

The British governments election campaign promise of Brexit - to decouple from the EU - is now long forgotten, as Johnson (another disciple of the globalist cult) reads from the very same script as Trudeau. As nation states move in global lockstep towards this agenda, undemocratically orchestrated by a handful of elites so small in number you could fit them into one prison cell.

The Great reset will place the worlds population in the perpetual servitude of the technocrats and oligarchs currently whispering in the ear of politicians and moving those political pawns on the chess board towards the end game.

We are fast approaching the wrong side of history, with no roads leading back to from whence we came, unless there is pushback and resistence.

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