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The Dark Prince Prepares for the Oval Office

If today's media coverage is anything to go by, Trump has conceded defeat and the dark prince Biden is preparing for the Oval Office. From here he will likely spend the next 4-years rescinding the Bill of Rights and US Constitution, while integrating the US into the fountainhead of one world governance, as envisaged by Gates, Soros, the WEF, and other globalists in the shadows standing at the shoulder of the Democrat party.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Build Back Better programs are set to impale the human rights of US citizens, who will become auxiliary to nature, as the Green New Deal dominates political debate and policy.

But thats ok, those on the left can sleep soundly knowing the global village (a euphemism for one world government) is coming. Moving in from the shadows in the wake of COVID and Climate Change.

2020 will probably mark the last US Election in history.

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