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The Dummy’s Guide to Authoritarianism (Or, the Long Kiss Goodbye to the Good Life)

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Power politics of the 21st Century has acquired a need for legitimacy. And quite rightly so. Gone are the days of marauding despots, kings and thieves, unashamedly plundering, wreaking havoc and having first dibs on the common man’s virgin bride, all under the good name of tyranny. Quite the contrary, today’s power elite has an expensive veneer and intoxicating pizzazz. They are credible and civilised (so long as you're not on the receiving end of one of their long-range missiles) and importantly, they have the solutions to solve the world's problems.

Indeed, present day authoritarians have buried their more charming attributes deep within the cachet of five thousand-dollar suits, faces full of teeth and million dollars of smiles. But don't be fooled. Beneath the veneer of television voices, lurks the same contaminated DNA that has possessed the maddened minds of vanquishers throughout the golden age of despotism. No blood test is required. When today’s power pin-up’s practice the very same crooked schemes of plunder, exploitation and divide & rule, emblematic of their ancestors throughout history. Only, they have trading-in the prehistoric battering club for weapons of mass destruction and the predacious henchmen on Horseback for the scientific advisory committee.

Magic Bullet

This maelstrom of politics throughout the modern era’s magic bullet conspiracy, AKA the dubious public health emergency known as COVID-19, has duped the once chipper British public on a colossal scale. Leaving the good people of these islands unable to perform even the most rudimentary of national pastimes like rolling over and having their stomachs rubbed. Instead, they are too beaten down by fear and confusion to even vaguely identify the elephant in the room. As Noam Chomsky puts it “People not only don't know what's happening to them, they don't even know that they don't know.”

With the citizenry distracted by the Kafkaesque social experiment that has hijacked the good and sailed ship named common sense, the political establishment has been busy hammering out new laws, hidden within the trojan horse of the Coronavirus Act 2020, the legal basis for which is the Public Health Act 1984 (as in George Orwell).

To fully comprehend the severity of the Coronavirus Act, we must first examine the mechanisms of secondary legislation, otherwise known as Statutory Instruments (SI’s) - powers used to bypass parliamentary process altogether when amending existing legislation.

SI’s are lesser known but powerful devices, that discreetly push forward profound and controversial changes to Britain’s laws without the buffer of democratic debate or scrutiny by Parliament. Instead they are convened by a small group of MPs, in short, low-key debates. Or, arbitrary rule by an inner-circle operating from within the shadows, with the highest disregard for democratic principles.

Welcome to the future of clandestine law-making in the UK, without recourse to MPs and votes in the House of Commons, enacted by legislators with unbridled power, pushing the envelope of laws without checks and balances.

In the 21st century there is one and only one function of government and that is to protect individual freedom from individuals or groups who would attempt to limit that personal freedom. Yet, the British government has become the very predator, which it is mandated to protect the people's precious liberties from. Moreover, the government is acting treasonously when its confederacy is with global interests, above national obligations to the British people. As a result, citizens are losing ancient rights, older than parliament itself, granted by sensible statesmen to protect our freedoms from the very tyranny now rampant throughout Westminster.

In little under three months the rule of law has been repurposed for the enforcement of petty dictates while the police have assumed the role of park wardens, tasked with enforcing civil regulations that criminalise taking leave on a public bench or sitting down in a public park amidst performing rigorous exercises for the Communist Party leadership. Laws need to be justified and proportionate, and not 10 year prison terms for vandalising statues.

What's more, across many countries’ democracy has been suspended entirely while a liturgy of arbitrary laws have been thrust upon the citizenry. Most Notably: Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán has affectionately granted himself virtually unchecked power to rule indefinitely by decree; the so-called Liberal government of Canada is bringing about legislation that will punish coronavirus misinformation; in India, journalists have been summoned to police stations and forced to explain their COVID-19 stories; in Egypt, security forces have arrested and disappeared the editor-in-chief of the Alkarar Press newspaper; and In Russia, a high tech facial recognition system, appropriately named Orwell, is being introduced to every school.

Contextualising the Data

To put things into perspective, on 5th June, fewer than one in 1,000 people in the UK were infected with COVID-19 (thats less than 0.1% of the population).

Moreover, since the outbreak of COVID-19 it is clearly a non-event for people under 60:

The vast majority of deaths have been in the 80+ age bracket, and the vast majority of those deaths occurred in care homes. Especially worrying, when sick senior citizens have been transferred from hospitals to care homes and the government has pushed for unlawful do not resuscitate orders.

Furthermore, there has been a significant above average rate of non-COVID deaths in care homes, that warrants an official enquiry:

Importantly, in the 40-49 age group, there is below average non-COVID fatality rate vs a suspicious above average COVID fatality rate.

Overall, just 5% of all recorded deaths did not have any pre-existing conditions or comorbidity.

Yet, the country is emerging from the lockdown with some of the toughest restrictions in Europe, including the mandatory wearing of face masks in hospitals, on public transport and if the Mayor of London gets his way, masks will be mandatory in all shops and enclosed spaces. Marking some of the exciting new measures the government will enforce to regulate the way citizens re-enter the economy from henceforth. Anticipating the gun-to-your-head vaccination and immunity passports, should hard working people wish to holiday again in the cheerless future. In other words, No ticket, no laundry.

Indeed, there is something insidious about any new tougher approaches from the government in their good (but posthumous) battle against the bad (but posthumous) germ. Such as banning overnight stays in other peoples home, prohibiting assembly and congregation in groups of more that 6-people, criminalising couples from different households having sex, or the more abominable fetish wearing a face mask during sex. When other, more sensible nations have relaxed their lockdown protocols entirely and especially when, the peak of this, whatever it is (or was), is months behind us; the government is 3-months late and a dollar short.

A global Health Emergency in 6 Easy Steps

The boot-to-your-face social experiment known as COVID-19 is a game that has been rigged from the outset through a few simple moves:

(1). No major event would be complete without merchandising and COVID-19 is no exception, with the political echo chamber of mainstream media pushing forward the front-page agenda, Stalinist-type propaganda posters and social distancing floor stickers in every shop. Bombarding the false narrative from every high street to all and sundry.

(2), The enforced (and illegal) closure of schools and businesses and the baseless 2-meter rule in public spaces. Sufficiently breaking down the public's spirit and forcing the people to queue for long periods in the pursuit of life's mundane pleasures. While striking fear into the heart of the community and micromanaging the baby steps of citizens, in preparation for what's to come..

(3). Gross manipulation of the scientific data, evidenced here, here, here and here.

(4). A shockingly underfunded NHS, with fewer hospital beds, doctors and nurses per capita than almost any developed country. Propping up the illusion of an NHS seemingly unable to cope with the emergency.

(6). A small club of Lickspittle medical officers and fawning scientists, with an equally voracious appetite for the limelight and intoxicants of power, who stand shoulder to shoulder with conspirators to prop up the deception.

Finally, given the success of the exercise, it is likely the emergency protocols for COVID-19 were oven ready, when we were spitting distance from a pandemic in the two dress rehearsals, foot and mouth (2001) and swine flu H1N1 (2009), and both involved the same principle players, including Professor Lockdown.


Short-changing the public on the promise of democracy is nothing new. The big pledges and empty pockets of social reform is a tired routine that never fails to excite a wide-eyed public. Who dust down their suits of citizenry every five years and march ineffectually to the polling stations to participate in universal suffrage under the false assumption that its democracy. A scam that involves the changing of the political guard every so often, such that a different pair of lips move to tell the same lies with fresh rigour. The difference between yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s lie is the size of the lie, which gets bigger with every telling.

Most of these lies or manipulations resound within a subtle frequency that many fail to comprehend. Thanks to the persistence of government propagandists, working tirelessly to euthanise critical thinking, through nefarious front companies such as the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT).

Affectionately known as The Nudge Unit, BIT is part owned by the Cabinet Office and based at the intelligence service's London HQ. It’s offices around the world comprise former civil servants specialising in behavioural psychology and the organisation is lead by Sir Mark Sedwill, a senior civil servant and seasoned spook, with links to MI5 and MI6, who took a leading role in the government's contingency plan following the hospitalisation (or gone fishing) of Boris Johnson.

BIT have trained over 20,000 civil servants worldwide, and have run more than 750 psychological projects to engineer behaviorisms, spanning 31 countries. Put into perspective, this is an espionage outfit, funded by taxpayers, and mandated by government as the harbingers of social engineering, tasked with ensuring the British people roll over and raise the paw each time the jackboot of authority stamps down with Hitleresque ferociously.

The manipulation of the state, through vehicles such as BIT, takes aim at our common reason, sets our fear centres against our better judgement and rewires the circuitry of the individual mind into constructs of groupthink.

Seducing the fear of the people into accepting the virtue of the state is a condition known as Stockholm Syndrome. Whereby hostages develop an emotional attachment to their captors. Particularly following the threat of a common enemy, such as communism, terrorism or a pandemic, resulting in citizens giving up their consent to the state, irrespective of the plainness of the state’s deception. Voila!

Another product of the state's psychological warfare program is cognitive dissonance. A condition that results in the brains control panel ejecting common reason from the good ship and installing the irrational primal brain functions as its captain. This in turn transforms critical thinking into scraps of meat filling the proverbial sausage and promotes unsound fear driven tendencies.

In the words of George Orwell: ‘Perhaps you imagine a huge network of conspirators prepared to commit any atrocity to weaken and demoralise the order of our society? The reality is infinitely more subtle.’

The Empire of Cyberspace

In the 21st century, the mechanisms of state control take on giant stature with the advent of the technocracy that would be the envy of Joseph Goebbels. Technology not only organises and indexes information, it organises people too according to strict algorithms of control, while restricting or limiting what information people can see, share, communicate and learn from online. Its machinery enforces public consensus, including peer pressure, that destabilises individual empowerment, and silences singular voices of reason within the shrill of popular consensus. Cyberspace is not only the greatest instrument of human ordering the world has ever known, it is the greatest weapon of mass surveillance in human-history. That subjects entire nations to arbitrary surveillance through the monitoring and tracking of every phone call, text message and online movement. As if the good people were on trial and indeed guilty until proven innocent.

The EU, in granting the technocracy carte blanche on our data, without recourse to the people, is nothing short of scandalous. When beyond the unethical commercial theft of our privacy by corporations, the encroachment by the state, equips big brother with indispensable tools for controlling public consensus. Whose instruments of surveillance have undoubtedly been used throughout the pandemic to second guess citizens opt-in at each stage of the advancement of the exercise. Knowing when to push further, hold back, or change direction entirely. This voluntary breaching of our own information security is comparable to a gambler revealing his hand at a rigged card game, when that disclosure is used to manipulate a person's will into performing certain actions or following a particular behavioural pattern.

The Biology of Power

It must be pointed out, the people of Europe today are not separated by some great divide of political inclusion or discernment from the people of Germany in the 1930’s. Yet, the Germany citizenry - just like present day nations - were persuaded by the propaganda machine of the Nazi party into surrendering their rights for protections against an external threat, notably the burning down of the Reichstag, which granted the Nazi Party emergency powers to remove the checks and balances that would have otherwise prevented their rise to power. Sound familiar?

It is important to emphasise, those who gravitate towards power are guided by a value system that believes the public sphere needs to be governed. That the average person is incapable and undeserving of a right to self-determine. The idea that the strong should see their wealth and power increase while the weak should see their wealth and power decrease is the fantasy of social Darwinism. A theory that has never been so relevant as key decision-making powers across the interlaced sectors of politics, industry and banking are invariably the prerogative of members of an elite club, whose ancestors before them held membership. This Nepotism has plagued American politics for centuries, capitulating to those in power, while leading the rest of us to social stratification.

Throughout history, kings and emperors ruled openly as despots, over wretched subjects consigned to misery. But this outward show of tyranny resulted in uprisings and the schism of power struggles, rendering the power-axis unstable and vulnerable to assault. However, in the modern age, we play dolls house civilisation, that sees the replacement of our tribal colours for uniforms, our primal hunger for sexual predation and gathering the crops for consumerism. In this move towards a reputedly cultured society, political leaders have acquired a new need for legitimacy, in order to slip discreetly into the cloak of representative statesmen leading the commonality to cultural emancipation. And so, with legitimacy, power becomes authority.

Throughout modern times the state operates on principles that include order out of chaos and the Hegelian dialectic. In so far as, when authority is validated by the solutions it can offer, to solve the problems which it proclaims, we are licensing those in power to manufacture the mythology of emergency, in order to ratify their would-be agenda. From 9/11 through climate change to the pandemic, each major event horizon has manufactured consensus that brings about transformative policies which in turn reshapes the global landscape.

The Smoking Gun

In the pursuit of a smoking gun to the 21st century’s magic bullet conspiracy, we are duty bound to observe multiple suspicious events running in the background to COVID-19:

Firstly, the European Commission's feasibility study for the development of a common vaccination passport for EU citizens, was launched in 2019 and by some miraculous stroke of good fortune it has been underway throughout COVID-19! This program is supported by an awareness initiative on vaccinations, that, fortuitously was launched in 2020.

Secondly, a record number of CEO’s stepped down from their posts between January and October 2019, with more than 1,332 CEO’s abandoning ship amidst robust corporate earnings and record stock market highs. Which by any stretch of the imagination is most unorthodox and counter-intuitive.

Thirdly, Bill Gates not only organised event 201, a table top exercise that simulated a global pandemic, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation purportedly negotiated a $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal with the Sponsor of the US CARES Bill, six months prior to the pandemic.

Lastly, the Cares Bill itself is indeed suspicious. When the Bill is an amendment to a previous Bill, The Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act of 2019, ratified on Dec. 20 2019, months before the pandemic; which Includes a number of pandemic-type financial disbursements such as $500 billion in direct payments to Americans, $208 billion in loans to major industry, and $300 billion in Small Business Administration loans.

Though it remains to be seen whether there is sufficient evidence of a conspiracy, COVID-19 is undoubtedly a cunning sleight of hand that repurposes influenza, the silent killer of hundreds of thousands each year and uses it as the pretext to forward multiple agenda's in the pipeline, as we shall explore later.

Global Vaccine Program

No investigation into the legitimacy of the pandemic, would be complete without following the money and examining the looming mandatory vaccination program.

To elaborate further, in 2018, the global vaccine market was worth $41 billion, and was expected to reach $93 billion by 2026. But following COVID-19 and its transformative impact on vaccinations, immunology could become one of the most lucrative industries the world has ever known, especially when you do the math: the average cost of a vaccine ($200 ) x 7 billion people globally x every year of their lives.

This is especially worrying when on 12th April this year, Dominic Cummings, (Britain's answer to Robespierre), took his lockdown sabbatical at Barnard Castle, County Durham. Two days before GlaxoSmithKline - whose manufacturing and research base is located at Barnard Castle, minutes from where Cummings was sighted - signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine with Sanofi of France.

It is also important to emphasise the British government's significant vested interest in immunology to the tune of billions of dollars:

The UK is the number 1 investor in immunology research, impact and influence amongst all G7 countries. The British Society for Immunology is the largest immunology society in Europe. The life sciences industry, of which immunology is an important part, is worth £70 billion to the UK economy per annum. And finally, since 2015 the UK has been the number 1 funder of GAVI, exceeding even the investment of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is therefore safe to assume the British government would not let a public health opportunity go to waste, when, amongst other rewards, the pandemic would equip British imperialism with increased capabilities to continue meddling in the affairs of developing countries, through vaccination programs that yield significant influence over foreign health care systems and opportunities to trade immunology for social policy influence.

It is also important to highlight the research team at Imperial College London, led by Professor Ferguson (responsible for the UK and US lockdowns), in its tender to the government had declared no competing interest and neutrality. When in fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as Imperials’ team receives grants directly from the World Health Organisation; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; Janssen Pharmaceuticals; and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Which brings us to Bill Gates, who has fast emerged as the conductor-Maestro of the emergency protocols following COVID-19, through his involvement in just about every faucet of the new world emerging post-pandemic. Specifically, Gates has backed a $1billion plan to cover the earth in video surveillance satellites. A program that would power contract tracing capabilities. Microsoft has been a leading proponent of censorship throughout the pandemic and beyond, forcibly installing (without user consent) 'misinformation' filter NewsGuard technologies onto millions of devices. His organisation, ID2020, as we shall explore later, has been at the forefront of advocacy for mandatory digital ID's for many years. While his investments, to the tune of billions of dollars, echos throughout the vast institutional chamber that is spearheading the global response to COVID. Most notably: the World Health Organisation, GAVI, Imperial College London, John Hopkins University, the CDC, University of Oxford, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIAID.

The Lunatics have Taken Over the Asylum

It should be no surprise that COVID-19 aligns with a number of important globalist programs, involving some of the world's most powerful organisations who would make sizeable gains, strategically and financially, in ushering in the post COVID era.

These programs include the UN’s Agenda 2030 & the World Economic Forum’s great reset. Programs that are supported by Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Accenture, which are calling for: one world government, cashless society, mandatory digital ID’s, the transmigration of Earth’s populations into smart cities, the overhaul to trans-human and artificial intelligence, mandatory vaccinations, birth control, and the reduction of humanity to digital replicants in the blockchain.

Central to these frameworks, is Bill Gates ID2020, which proposes that it is a fundamental human right for all 7 billion of earth's inhabitants to have a digital identity:

ID2020, is made up of powerful multinational corporations including GAVI, who on 4th June delivered their annual roadshow, The Global Vaccine Summit, disguised as a public-sector event. The Summit was hosted by the British Government, attended by representatives from 52 countries, including 35 Heads of State, and raised US$ 8.8 billion to immunise 300 million children around the world.

The video for the event, which can be viewed here, has unashamedly had its comments switched off for reasons we can safely assume. Upon further inspection of GAVI’s YouTube channel, its videos have received 40-1,000 views, which again underscores the level of public confidence (or contempt) for GAVI’s nefarious scheme.

Ironically, the video of the Global Vaccine Summit plays out like a scene from Austin Powers, led by Dr. Evil and chaired by the unwashed, uncombed and frankly unfit for office, Boris Johnson. What is conspicuously absent is James Bond to swashbuckle into the rescue and take-out the malignant organisation known as SPECTRE.

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