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The Hand Operating the Levers in the Shadows

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We are heading towards socialism and communism. The Elysian Fields of the left. A fools paradise promising the pearly gates of a fairer, more egalitarian society, without class distinctions, that would protect its weakest members, redistribute wealth and nationalise industry gone rogue under capitalism.

Despite the cautionary tale from history, teaching us that under communism and socialism more atrocities have been inflicted on humanity than under any other political system. By some estimates 100 million deaths at the hands of one single ideology.

Under the Bolsheviks, only the Communist Party were permitted, human rights were impaled and culture whitewashed. It was the most brutal social engineering program of the 20th century towards a single state ideology. Freedom of speech was criminalised, and any form of dissent was punished, often by death.

When the state crosses the Rubicon from protector of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to regulator of the most prosaic aspects of our civic lives, we see the emergence of totalitarianism.

The governments of the world, doing the bidding for a global elite are intentionally destroying our economy, wiping out small businesses, prohibiting our right to maintain financial independence and creating widespread dependancy and indoctrination of future generations. This is the hidden hand operating the levers in the shadows.

Their objective is to break the old system to make way for a new system, this time in their own omniscient image. Ushering in state interference and regulation over all aspects of our economy and civil lives, on a scale never before imagined. As Lenin and then Stalin did in the Soviet Union, which it took the Russian people 60-years to recover from.

This is where we are heading on a global-scale, orchestrated by a handful of global elites, so small in number - you could fit them into one prison cell.

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