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Propaganda, Eugenics, Gender

Updated: Oct 6

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When illustrious leaders of the opposition cannot define what a woman is, you've got to ask yourself, what the hell is going on?

Why is all this overrated, X-rated smut being peddled from every direction?

Have we really flooded school libraries with homoerotic books aimed at 6 year-olds?

Whose idea was it to enshrine drag queen-story hour as a rite of passage?

And since when was it acceptable for creeps with schoolgirl fetishes to have unsupervised, intimate conversations with our kids?

In any other time, it would be named indecent exposure or worse grooming. But not today. Self-indulgent narcissism is the gold standard of self-expression. The conversations people ought to be having with their therapist have become prime time debating points. It’s another day another carnivalesque parade of blokes in frocks swanning around social media, the creepier and more degenerate the content the more of an inalienable right it is to rub your nose in it. For as long as their entitlements are upheld, all others are scattered to the wind. It’s no longer women and children first but every licentious adult male with a fetish in need of validation.

Typically, it’s a mind-numbing sideshow that would go entirely unnoticed if it wasn’t for the algorithms. Even amongst men lacking distinction, to paraphrase Catch 22, the likes of Dylan Mulvaney would inevitably stand out as a man lacking even more distinction than all the rest.

But not so fast. Progressivism has managed to polish the proverbial turd, so much so that the most nauseating and cringeworthy are regaled into positions of mega stardom, celebrated not for their virtue, but complete lack of credibility.

I’m all in favour of freedom of expression, men being in touch with their feminine side, it’s when schoolchildren are mandated to provide what constitutes a free psychotherapy session that I have a problem; and It’s when the most immoral are given the halo effect by conventional wisdom that alarms bells start ringing.

Some of us grew up in an age where the deranged ramblings of a person’s alter ego would be subject to strict patient-doctor confidentially, whereas today these psychological disorders are celebrated as the virtuous hallmarks of the post-modern citizen, by a society that loves to suffer more than the occasional fool.

Alphabet Mafia

Founded on the principles of diversity is our strength, your garden variety LGBTQ fanatic is just another member of another club. Rather than being a unique personification of themselves, it's one unattractive, overweight, offcut adrift in a sea of other unattractive, overweight, offcuts.

It’s not so much about defending individual expression but creating a mutual admiration society.

And what's really under attack here is not, woe betide, people's feelings, delusions of identity or, indeed, right to immoral debauchery, the fundamental of our humanity is under siege.

As if conquered by a marauding foreign enemy, the rainbow flag hangs from every public institution, the NHS is erasing the word ‘women’, schools teach 11-year-olds - many have just started menstruating - that if they feel uncomfortable in their bodies they’re probably transgender and according to Wikipedia there are 107 gender identities and counting.

If the lessons from history are anything to go by, systems of authoritarianism usually begin with people's attempts to strong-arm the masses into the kind of collectivist wrong-think rife throughout gender ideology; and typically involve the hijacking of science and values, language, and culture.

The rainbow is one such requisition, another is mermaids, pride comes from the family unit of lions, begging the question - was this always about children and family disruption, rather than self-expression and inclusion?

Big Pharma

Amongst a consortium of vested interests is big pharma. The sex reassignment surgery market valued at $623 million in 2022 is projected to reach a staggering $1.9 billion by 2032, with the cost of each surgical transition ranging from $125,000-$140,000. Not to mention hormone replacement drugs and lifetime of prescription antidepressants for the unresolved mental health crisis which bodily mutilation is going to exacerbate, and you have a lot of money for political lobbying, influencers, and eventually social change.

In breach of their Hippocratic Oath surgeons have gone from amputating diseased tissues to healthy organs. It’s comparable to the illegal practice of genital mutilation frowned upon by the same moral crusaders defending trans-kids rights to violate their own sex organs. It’s the same energy underpinned by an acceptable rather than unacceptable moral imperative.

In the US, prescription of hormone therapies drugs has more than doubled amongst 6-17 year olds, while in the UK the effect of the pandemic saw the number of youngsters seeking help for mental health problems jump from 12% of children in 2017 to 17.8% in 2022.

It’s all fun and games until it’s not. One of the most conclusive studies from Sweden found that the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.

Marketing Gender Dysphoria

The fact that 1.8% of kids and 0.6% of adults identify as the opposite sex, means that two thirds of children who identify as transgender as kids will eventually overcome gender dysphoria as adults.

But not if those pushing gender ideology have anything to do with it. In recent years marketing directly to children has skyrocketed as advertisers spend more than $12 billion each year targeting kids, and with a majority now having televisions in their bedrooms, it’s estimated that children are viewing more than 40,000 commercials each year.

The biggest explosion in advertising to the youth market, however, comes from unsupervised internet time and advancement in the ways unscrupulous marketers target minors through influencers.

If pronouns are the gateway drug, influencers are the street-dealers. Even amongst adults, Influencers have huge persuasive power with 61% of adult consumers trusting their recommendations. Kids, on the other hand, don't understand persuasive intent as adults do, since cognitive structures have not yet been formed.

Now imagine how a child’s myopic relates to influencers like Dylan Mulvaney or worse scar worshipping content on TikTok and Snapchat.

And is it any wonder that Generation Z are nearly four times as likely than those over 40 to identify as transgender, non-binary or gender-nonconforming? Or that one in five high schoolers identify as non-heterosexual?

Edward Bernays

Arguably it all goes back to Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud who helped shift the U.S from a nation of citizens into a nation of consumers.

Considered the founding father of propaganda, Bernays adapted Freud’s theory that people were motivated by hidden desires to convince Americans that they should buy consumer goods not because of their necessity, but because they expressed a hidden sense of their inner selves. He persuaded corporations that if they created a surplus of desires within a society, those desires would not only be satisfied by consumables, but if those consumables could be linked to people's feelings, irrelevant objects would become powerful emotional symbols of worship.

Bernays theories helped powerful interests divorce the masses from public policy and transformed consumerism into the central motor of American life.

On behalf of big tobacco interests. Bernays convinced women in America to smoke - at a time when it was socially unacceptable for them to do so - on the back of psychologist, A.A. Brill’s theory that cigarettes were phallic symbols of male sexual power that would ‘give women their own penises.’

To test the theory Bernays Hijacked New York’s Easter Day parade with a group of rich debutants masquerading as suffragettes ready for Bernays signal to light up. And with the press at hand to capture the moment, the infamous campaign Torches of Freedom was unleashed across every front page.

Bernays had essentially created the idea that if a woman smoked, she would be more powerful, freer, and independent, and if others related to this ideal, they should light their torches of freedom in solidarity.

Much of today’s woke ideology is cut from the same cloth. Entire social movements rallying around platitudes such as diversity, equity and inclusion is little more than geopolitical agenda playing out through the capture of grassroots movements by those looking to rupture and fragment society, in the time-honoured tradition of divide and rule.

The same subliminal messaging pervades trans ideology. If you feel that you don’t fit into what is a profoundly polarised society then the fault lies with your own biology and not the prevailing zeitgeist. Social engineers create the conditions for mass existential disconnect and offer gender reassignment as the solution. Pouring even more gasoline onto the flames of spiritual malaise until society has passed the point of no return.

Gender Eugenics

A similar movement was underway at the turn of the last century when eugenics policies set about eliminating undesirables from the gene pool by forcibly sterilising more than 70,000 feebleminded, disabled, homosexuals and ethnic minorities.

Underpinning the theory of eugenics were elitist, racist and sexist assumptions by government policy makers, prominent industrialists and largely left leaning psychologists, sexologists, educators, and social reformers. These included British abortion pioneer Marie Stopes and founder of The American Birth Control League (that would become Planned Parenthood), Margaret Sanger. In other words, the same principle actors pushing todays woke ideology.

In 1969 Planned Parenthood addressed a letter to John D. Rockefeller’s Population Council, known as The Jaffe Memo, proposing several mendacious policies for curbing population growth, including child tax, compulsory abortions, compulsory sterilisations and, importantly, the encouragement of increased homosexuality.

The Jeffe Memo

Some would argue that the trans-gendering of children is eugenics by another name. Non-heterosexuals sterilised under court order a century ago, are doing so of their own volition today. Teenagers weaned on hormone blockers for 12 months who transition to cross-sex hormones risk sterilisation, or as the NHS puts it permanent infertility.

Studies suggest those on the autism spectrum are far more likely to identify as LGBTQ with research from Cambridge University concluding that autistic adults and adolescents are approximately eight times more likely to identify as asexual and ‘other’ sexuality than their non-autistic peers. Which begs the question - is gender dysphoria misdiagnosis of neurodivergence, namely autism?

At the turn of the century those on the autism spectrum would have been deemed feebleminded by eugenicists under penalty of sterilisation.

What eugenics and gender dysphoria also have in common, according to lesbian, feminist scholar, Sheila Jeffreys, is that “both practices are based upon the idea that certain problematic behaviours have a biological basis and can be “cured” by treatments which alter and affect sexual characteristics.”

Jeffreys argues that both are programs of institutionalised social engineering by largely left-leaning socialist, academics, psychologists, and sexologists.


Heir to Bernays legacy, predictive programming and subliminal messaging drives today’s public onion, where its sentiment over facts, feelings over principles, and state sponsored populism over traditional social causes.

The result is a generation weaned on corporate and political agenda masquerading as social ideals and a society that has become an inversion of itself.

The progressive appearances of gender ideology, paradoxically, seeks to destroy the nuanced qualities of existential identity acquired over a lifetime of hands-on applied experience.

Under the trans rubric, it’s no longer about who you are, what you’re made from, the contents of your character, it’s about everything you imagine yourself to be but are not. The lives you don't live rather than the one they do. How you aimlessly feel from one idle day to the next, blowing in the wind like last year's autumn leaves.

It is the manufacturing of a fantasy of what a woman should be, pronouncing her to be so unexceptional that she is instantly replicable.

This reductionist ideology debases sociosexual characteristics into a handful of tropes, loads them into the back end of a social media vending machine which, like every other frontier of our post-consumer society, spits out entirely disposable things of no value. The peak throwaway culture spawned from Bernays propaganda experiments in the 1920’s now stretches beyond objects and things to people and their identities.

The same social engineering agenda that divorced the masses from public policy using consumerism, is today dissociating minors from their bodies, some would argue, as a prelude to transhumanism.

You will own nothing, particularly your own identity, and with a host of neurological disorders, you will be happy on antidepressants. If you enjoy synthetically modified RNA vaccines and gender reassignment surgery, you will love the Internet of Bodies.

The intended consequences of gender ideology, it would seem, is to transform those on the Autism spectrum into prototypes for the future of humanity – a submissive, easily deceived generation without scruples, permanently at odds with their identity, meddling with their biology and primed for whatever socially engineered future their puppet masters have in store for them.


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