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Escape from Samsara: Part 1, The Upanishads

Updated: May 26, 2023

1: Infinite Loops

In Vedic philosophy the journey from birth to death and rebirth is called Samsara. Our mortal coil, devoured by one life, is spat out into the next. Just as death is certain for the living, re-birth is certain for the dead.

Spanning the concept of reincarnation, Samsara describes the transmigration of the soul endlessly propagating through a myriad of different lives. From one moment to the next, one lifetime to another, our journey is regulated by karma - what we do in this life that’s reflected in future lives. We keep coming back to give up our attachments, free ourselves from duality and realise unity with all living beings.

But what if our cosmic lives were being marshalled by forces beyond a spiritual order?

What if the intersection of behavioural-economics and mass-media had somehow lured us away from the vortex of our own karma into a sort of simulated reality?

Just as Newton's gravitational law pulls the earth in its orbit, has our fate been entangled in the karma of a ruling elite?

If they can assemble the full genetic blueprint for human life, can they redesign the existential experience, albeit, inside an individual's hacked psyche?

The mind’s a magic lantern and consensual reality a powerful construct. Freedom, we are told, is a myth, just as humans are hackable animals living under digital dictators.

In quantum theory, the superposition principle reveals a quantum system in all conceivable states simultaneously, until it’s measured. In other words, observation creates the final position, and things will appear, reality will happen, wherever it’s summoned.

If those who tell the stories rule the world, the stories they tell us are the houses we live in. Our capacity to imagine and create mental landscapes and link scenario building minds sets us apart from animals and puts us within earshot of creation, but it’s also the means of our ideological capture.

2), The World’s a Stage

The entire phenomenal world, according to late Vedic scriptures, is an illusion, a projection of forms that sustains their credibility due to our attachments to how things appear. We scarcely see the truth underlying existence, nor see beyond our own preconceived notions, and more than we can possibly imagine, we are beholden to mythos and archetypes, names, and forms.

This illusion, discussed at length in The Upanishads, is called Maya. It means trickery, deception and conjuring. To suppose that a small group of conflated interests has our back or that societies are built on equity, is Maya emboldened in the false beliefs we hold to be true about the world.

But Maya is also the roles we play, masks we wear and identities we assume. Most people cannot handle the truth, preferring comfortable ignorance to uncomfortable knowledge. We are no longer stewards of creation, but soldiers in the rank and file. We have gone from authoring our own stories, to playing out roles in someone else’s stagecraft.

To understand Maya, we must first explore the concept of Brahman, which is the unchanging, imperceptible essence of all that can be experienced. Brahman is the cosmic principle that unifies everything in the cosmos as one. Nothing exists in isolation since everything is relative to something else. The cosmic dance between the experiencer and the experience, the individual and the manifest world, subject and object, speaks to an interdependence of all things, so profound, you cannot have one without the other. As Alan Watts explains “when you walk, your feet do not dangle mid-air, they tread solid ground.” In the realms of cause and effect, the influence of a butterfly’s wings in Mexico over weather systems in Shanghai, is Brahman expressed in Chaos Theory.

The ultimate nature of reality in its supreme, transcendent, and eternal expression, Brahman is the form from which everything else is created. What Brahman is not is the fragmented, mechanistic universe we think we belong to, because the smallest most insignificant point of creation contains a blueprint for all of creation, just as the DNA within each cell contains a blueprint for our entire physiology.

This holistic nature of life expressed in every particle of creation, expresses itself in every individual, through The Atman. If Brahman is the ocean, Atman is a drop in the ocean. It is the awakening of the self in union with the self of the universe and once this aspect of our true nature is revealed not only do we perceive the drop merging with the ocean but the ocean merging with the drop, and all beings in the self and the self in all beings.

Paradoxically, as with all expressions of the manifest world, Maya is born from Brahman, but it is the world perceived through our filters, senses, judgements, ignorances, and attachments; it is the cosmic illusion concealing the true nature of spiritual reality; a sort of stage play enacted by the supreme consciousness of God.

3). Hell is Empty and all the devils are here

The industry of fake holy men, from Rockefeller to Gates to Fauci operates under the pretext of being Lord and Creator. Holding the fate of the world in their hands has granted them ascendance and with it the power to destroy and recreate the world in their own image.

The projection of their narcissistic mental plays onto real world scenarios is Maya personified. It goes beyond owning and controlling everything, to holding the keys to existence. The morbid obsession with transforming organic life into patentable, lab-engineered products, the digitisation of nature, genetics, transhumanism, and artificial Intelligence (AI) - these are the ritualistic enactments of their god consciousness.

The same madness that drove alchemists in their attempts to transform base metal into gold - as if it brought mortal man into the realm of immortal gods - possesses the minds of these people, with one fundamental exception - it’s not enough to steal gods' secrets on earth, they have proclaimed themselves gods in their own right.

If they can create a parallel universe, replicate natural systems beyond the code of nature and hack the doors of perception, they have entered the realms of lord and creator. Through two corporations, they control everything we eat, drink, wear or use. Their technology and consumables have become the means for ordinary people to transcend the mundane experience, so much so, that if God once existed, he's long been abolished.

In their warped minds, the unifying, indivisible spirit of Brahman is diametrically opposed to the fragmented world of the elites, carved into the haves and have-nots, where a few feather their own nests while the rest of us will not own a single blade of grass.

Nature, as an expression of the unified order, also exists freely beyond their administration and orthodoxies. That's why Gates, Monsanto, and the rest of them want to abolish it. It goes beyond narcissistic to messianic personality disorder. It’s not so much control, but creation.

Another competing interest is reality. A fake reality is, therefore, preferential. Under the rubric of a counterfeit world, you can control every vector. The question is, how do you get there?

Continued in Part 2


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